Blog Post 9/5 What things form analog data in your data center?

Blog Post 9/5 What things form analog data in your data center?

OK, everyone has had up to a week to think about what things form analog data components in a data center.  Let me suggest one off the bat: power.  Power travels into your data center as the product of two sine waves; one voltage and the other amperage.  These two analog waves multiply together to create the wattage of power used to power every piece of digital data equipment in your enterprise.  Because of this, it seems to be a fair statement to say the following:

Every piece of digital data creation, storage and transmission depends on analog power creation, storage and transmission.

Let’s now consider just how close the relationship is between analog and digital in the data center.  When an IT manager speaks of circuits, he or she is often thinking of the data transmission circuits which connect their site with the outside world, be those circuits fiber, copper or otherwise.  These large pipelines of data are then connected to switches and routers that use smaller pipelines such as network cables to transmit that data to and from servers, storage and other systems.  In the same way, a large pipeline of power connects the data center to the power from the outside world and that power is, in turn, funneled to individual pieces of equipment with circuits from power distribution units and panels. When a piece of network equipment needs to process, store or transmit data through the digital data pipeline, it calls on the analog power pipeline for as much power as it needs to complete the job, without regard to available resources.  That is, the demand from digital operations is blind to the supply available on the analog power side.  Attempts to look at power demands have, to date, been separate islands of information ( often sparse at that ) that are not correlated to faults, trouble or future analysis of digital data issues. Until our next blog, another challenge to the readers.  Consider how each pipe of analog power is simply transmitting analog data, and how can this be viewed in conjunction with digital data. Bob

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