Branch Circuit Monitoring

Current Transformer

{loadposition cta} {loadposition documents} The most accurate CTs on the market With the most accurate CT’s on the market, the EnerSure® metering platform allows you to manage your circuit capacities with greater reliability.  Our...

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EnerSure iBCPM

{loadposition cta} {loadposition documents} The most precise data for panel board monitoring The EnerSure® iBCPM integrated branch circuit power meter is built on the EnerSure® platform technology and is available in 21-circuit strips...

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EnerSure Enkapsis

{loadposition cta} {loadposition documents} Power Quality Meter with Waveform Capture The EnerSure® Enkapsis sets a new standard for Power Quality Meters (PQM) as both a standalone three-phase PQM and the foundation for the entire suite of...

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