Platform Metering for Facilities & Equipment

Platform Metering for Facilities & Equipment

Power Quality Metering Platform with Waveform Capture

Built on the EnerSure® monitoring platform with waveform capture, every TrendPoint branch circuit power meter utilizes a common chipset, configuration tool and protocol map/mib. As a result, end users can easily integrate power metrics throughout their power system, all the way from the high amperage main switchgear feeds down to the branch circuits with a single software driver in any DCIM or BMS application. What’s more, TrendPoint’s EnerSure® power meter devices provide actionable intelligence data to the software front end to help data center operators maximize uptime and efficiency.

Track power consumption, monitor circuit loading, and effectively manage power distribution assets across a facility. All it takes is flexible, scalable and cost-effective sub-metering devices from TrendPoint Systems.

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