TrendPoint Expands Senior Executive Leadership Team

TrendPoint Expands Senior Executive Leadership Team

CORONA, CA–(Marketwired – Feb 12, 2014) – TrendPoint Systems Inc., the provider of an industry-leading, flexible energy monitoring platform for high density power consumers, has announced several key changes to the company’s senior leadership team, reflecting the company’s strong growth in revenue, profitability, and number of employees.

The company announced today that the current President, Lisa Mandell, has been appointed to CEO and Jon Trout, currently the Vice President of Engineering and Production, is adding Chief Technology Officer to his title, and finally, that Donna Carter has been promoted from Controller to become the Vice President of Finance as well as the Corporate Secretary, an officer position.

“The Board of Directors is extremely pleased with the 2013 performance of its leadership team including the overall financials, production capabilities, new product launches, and building market awareness, so it made sense to reward and expand the team,” said Roger MacFarlane, Chairman of TrendPoint. “Re-aligning the job titles of some of our top senior leaders, and adding Donna Carter as a new corporate officer, sends a clear message to the market that the management team is focused on the right elements to grow market share and maintain profitability.”

Branch circuit power monitoring is becoming more important than ever as more massive data centers are built, often in remote or inhospitable locations using significant amounts of energy to keep servers cool. For example, a recent study of data center electricity usage found that if data centers were their own nation, they would collectively be the fifth-largest consumer of electricity in the world, ranking behind only the U.S., China, Russia and Japan.

As data center operators and IT industry observers keep a closer eye on the environmental impact of maintaining data centers that power the cloud, solutions from TrendPoint Systems will serve an increasingly crucial role in ensuring energy efficiency and effective operations.

“More data center operators are expressing interest in adopting our solutions to save on electricity consumption, maximize uptime and create more efficient data center operations,” said Jon Trout, Chief Technology Officer and Vice President of Engineering and Production. “With that in mind, we have added two new products within the past 15 months and expanded to become a UL panel shop, leading to increased complexity and sophistication of our business. Maintaining a superior level of customer satisfaction and adapting our solutions to suit the needs of our customers are the senior leadership team’s primary concern.”

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