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The Effect of Power Metrics and Functionality on Data Center Operations

When it comes to data center technology, gaining visibility into power consumption is a critical part of the business case for any provider, given that power can be the biggest expense. Providing energy, cooling and maintaining the right temperature for rack equipment to run optimally are all...

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The CEC and Title 24

The New Year is here and everyone is focused on changes and improvement. We at TrendPoint Systems wanted to focus on recent changes with CEC and offer solutions to those changes to help you jump-start to a great 2014! The California Energy Commission (CEC) has made changes to the California...

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Data Center Knowledge: Top Five Data Center Best Practices

Even if your organization is well-informed about the value of branch circuit power monitoring, and you are committed to doing it right, you might be curious about the best ways to choose and implement a power monitoring system. Jon Trout, VP of Engineering and Production at TrendPoint, outlines...

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