24 and 42 Circuit Branch Circuit Monitoring with PQM

TrendPoint’s BCPM2.0 is the next generation of branch circuit monitoring. It delivers utility grade power monitoring and is capable of providing full power quality metrics with or without waveform capture at a branch circuit level. The BCPM2.0 uses the Enkapsis as the head-end unit to provide voltage waveform capture, data logging, and full Ethernet communication. Available in 24 and 42 circuit units, the BCPM2.0 is the most versatile meter on the market and can be integrated into any switchgear, distribution panel, or any cabinet with a high density of circuits.

Like all of TrendPoint’s power quality metering products, the BCPM2.0 installs easily with little to no downtime. The BCPM2.0 unit outputs data directly to your server via Ethernet, enabling units to communicate regardless of location. Power metrics from the BCPM2.0 can integrate with any BMS or DCIM system via Modbus TCP, SNMP and BACnetIP.

BCPM2.0 is the most accurate, flexible, and adaptable branch circuit metering solution on the market and is used in many prestigious critical facilities.


  • 24 and 42 Circuit Branch Circuit Monitoring with PQM
  • Flexible Retrofit Design
  • Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) Metrics
  • Current Waveform Capture
  • Utility Grade Accuracy
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