Current Transformers


Model CTN2/CTN3/CTN4 (CTNx Series)

The CTNx series current transformers are shrouded nickel core with snap, locking tilt top and classified as XOBA for direct installation under UL2808 and CSA C22.2 No.61010-1. These are measurement category III current transformers for use in installations over insulated or bare conductors. The CTNx series have been tested to 100°C for use within Industrial control panels that meet the requirements of UL508. An internal burden resistor sets the full scale output voltage to 250mV and serves as an alternative to CTs that require shorting blocks to prevent open circuit shock.

Model CTFL / CTBF (CTxF Series)

The Model CTxF iron-core shrouded split current transformer is an indoor transducer designed for installation within breaker panels and industrial control cabinets. The snap and pull hinged top and latch simplifies installation over wires. CTxF series CTs are UL Listed to UL2808 and CSA CAN C22.2 61010-1 for energy metering equipment, CAT III. The CT is provided with an internal resistor that produces a low voltage AC designed output signal for 250mV at 100% of the rated current. Comes with black and white twisted pair 600V (UL1015) output leads for VAC output type and red and black for VDC output type. The CTs can be installed over either bare or insulated conductors.

Model CTSF

The CTSF split current transformers are indoor type for Measurement Category Class IV for use in energy monitoring and general electrical current sensing for field installations. The transformers have been designed to meet the requirements of UL2808 and CSA C22.2 No. 61010-1. They are provided with internal burden resistors to set the AC output voltage. Customer selects full load input current and with window size. The Model CTSF can be used in both commercial and industrial applications.

Model CTMF

The CTMF miniature split-core current transformers feature a small physical size to accommodate tight-space applications and a mechanical hinge for multiple open/ close actions. The ferrite splitcore design permits easy non-contact installation and current measurements through magnetic field induction. Installation does not require the primary wire that is being measure be taken offline. The transformers have been designed to meet IEC 60044-1 accuracy and UL2808 / CSA C22.2 No. 61010-1 safety requirements. An internal burden resistor sets the full-scale output voltage to 250mV and serves as an alternative to CTs that require shorting blocks to prevent open circuit shock protection for the installer.



The CTTx Series is a toroidal (solid core) current transformers designed for applications where AC current signals must be transformed into lower AC current or voltage signals appropriate for microprocessor based circuits. The CTTx series is designed specifically for integration into products which require exceptionally accurate signal transformation with low phase shift while exposed to harsh environmental operating conditions.


Model CTSR


  • High sensitivity, linearity, and minimum phase shift
  • Wide Range of Current and Sensitivity
  • Listed to UL2808 and CSA C22.2 No. 61010-1 CAT IV
  • Revenue grade Class 1 Accuracy
  • Flexible Core Material