The Enkapsis sets a new standard for Power Quality Meters (PQM) as both a standalone three-phase PQM and the foundation for the entire suite of devices (BCPM 2.0, iBCPM, and Bus). These products are used to provide utility grade data at the branch circuit on busway systems, panelboards, RPPs, PDUs, switchgear, and distribution panels.

The Enkapsis delivers highly accurate measurements of all power metrics. Its functionality extends beyond the harmonic data provided by traditional PQMs with support for the triggering and retrieval of voltage and current waveforms.


The Enkapsis is the backbone for the platform featuring:

The Enkapsis captures individual current & voltage harmonics (up to the 45th harmonic) to keep sensitive equipment from being damaged by power harmonics over time.

Waveform capture capabilities provide a visualization of power consumption and power quality events that take place in the critical facility.

The Enkapsis platform provides all standard forms of data connectivity without the need for gateways or additional hardware. The open protocols allow all products to be easily integrated into any data center or building management system.

The 9 onboard data logs on the Enkapsis can record up to 120 data points each in 30 second intervals. Using a standard on-board microSD card, users can record thousands of time-stamped data points. The data logs can then be downloaded as a .CSV file or delivered using Modbus TCP or BACnetIP protocols.

The Enkapsis allows you to manage your circuit capabilities with greater reliability, having the best total system accuracy on the market. Our meters achieve 1% accuracy.

Our split core CTs allow users to vary their CTs used throughout their system. CTs can be added or removed after the system is deployed and are available in any size from our standard 75 to 300 amp series up to 10,000 amps. TrendPoint CTs do not require shorting blocks as they are internally burdened.

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Detect abnormal temperature and humidity conditions with the on-board environmental communications port which uses Dallas 1-wire environmental sensors.