EnerSure Enkapsis

EnerSure Enkapsis
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Power Quality Meter with Waveform Capture

The EnerSure® Enkapsis sets a new standard for Power Quality Meters (PQM) as both a standalone three-phase PQM and the foundation for the entire suite of EnerSure® devices (EnerSure® BCPM 2.0, EnerSure® iBCPM, and EnerSure® Bus). These products are used to provide utility grade data at the branch circuit on busway systems, panelboards, RPPs, PDUs, switchgear, and distribution panels.

The EnerSure® Enkapsis delivers highly accurate measurements of all power metrics. Its functionality extends beyond the harmonic data provided by traditional PQMs with support for the triggering and retrieval of voltage and current waveforms.

The EnerSure® Enkapsis is the backbone for the EnerSure® platform featuring:

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