EnerSure iBCPM

EnerSure iBCPM
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The most precise data for panel board monitoring

The EnerSure® iBCPM integrated branch circuit power meter is built on the EnerSure® platform technology and is available in 21-circuit strips. The EnerSure® iBCPM uses the EnerSure® Enkapsis as the head-end unit to provide voltage measurement, data logging, and full Ethernet communication. The EnerSure® iBCPM provides utility-grade amps, volts, power factor, kW, and kWh data and can support up to four strips (84 circuits) on a single Enkapsis communication chain.

The EnerSure® iBCPM integrated branch circuit power meter is the ideal solution for OEMs as it installs easily on most panel board configurations. The EnerSure® iBCPM outputs data directly to your server via Ethernet, enabling EnerSure® units to communicate regardless of location. Power metrics from the EnerSure® iBCPM can integrate with any BMS or DCIM system via Modbus TCP, SNMP and BACnetIP.


  • Available in 21 circuit strips
  • Ideal for OEMs
  • Amps, Volts, Power Factor, kW and kWh Metrics
  • Utility Grade Accuracy
  • Current Transformer – Read More
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