Why TrendPoint

Why TrendPoint

Waveform Capture: The TrendPoint Difference for Analyzing Power Quality

TrendPoint’s branch circuit power monitoring (BCPM) has a powerful capability that no other branch circuit power meter on the market has – waveform capture. Our Power Quality Platform with waveform capture at the branch circuit power monitoring level has been developed for ease of use and the detailed analytics to help you achieve more accurate and insightful power quality analysis.

Why waveform? Waveform capture reports give you greater visibility into both present and past power monitoring anomalies. Waveform analytics can be used to track trends in power issues and help facility engineers be more prepared to respond appropriately to repeated issues. The big payoff of waveform capture analytics ultimately leads to better branch circuit power monitoring and increased data center reliability – because now you can see exactly what has gone wrong, fix it, and take steps to correct the problem for the future.

Our Branch Circuit Power Meters: No Special Integration Required

Standardization is the hallmark of TrendPoint. All of our products utilize the same platform, so they work together seamlessly and consistently using the same protocols and speaking the same language. Other branch circuit power meter providers have proprietary branch meter designs which require different and usually complex integrations. Trendpoint’s standardized branch circuit power meter platform makes it much easier and faster for installation and reading registers because no special scaling or integration is required.

Our Power Distribution Monitoring: The Backbone of Accurate Bill Back

If you can’t accurately measure power, you can’t bill for it. That’s why colocations, multi-tenant data centers, and financial institutions use our power distribution monitoring solutions: to streamline bill-back processes and satisfy colocation customer demand to be billed only for the power they actually use. Our telecom customers rely on the standardization of our power distribution monitoring solutions to help them gain deeper visibility into power usage, as well as reduce integration costs. Capacity planning is also driven by both power usage and power quality in enterprise data centers, such as social media, high tech companies, and others whose business continuity rely on the availability of applications in their data centers. TrendPoint’s power distribution monitoring solutions

Our Power Quality Meters Where You Need It: New, Retrofit, or Replace

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